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Bank of America Purchase Loan Analysis


January 20, 2007


Prepared for: 

John Doe

Prepared by: 

Jas Grewal




8880 Cal Center Dr. #270




Sacramento, CA 95826




(916) 364-2546





Branch Name:


Branch Voice:


Branch Contact:


Branch Fax:



Product – 1st Mortgage





Product – Other Financing





Purchase Price





Loan To Value / Combined Loan to Value

100.000 / 100.000 %




Loan Amount 1st / 2nd





Term Of Loan 1st / 2nd

480 Months




Balloon Product 1st / 2nd





Initial Interest Rate 1st / 2nd

5.000 %




Index 1st





Margin 1st





Actual Market Rate Today 1st

5.000 %




Qualifying Interest Rate   1st / 2nd

5.000 %




Maximum 1st Rate Increase/Frequency





Lifetime Maximum Increase 1st





Annual Percentage Rate 1st / 2nd

5.316 %




Origination Points 1st

0.000 %




Discount Points 1st / 2nd

3.911 %




Total Points 1st / 2nd

3.911 %





Principal & Interest 1st





Other Financing





Property Tax





Hazard Insurance





Mortgage Insurance





Homeowners Association Dues





Flood Insurance










Other Impounds/Escrows





Borrowers Protection Plan 1st / 2nd





Total Housing Payment






Origination Fee





Discount Fee  1st / 2nd





Appraisal Fee





Credit Report Fee





Tax Service Fee





Application Fee





Processing/Commitment Fee





Flood Certification





Buydown Subsidy





Other Lender’s Fees





Total Lender’s Fees






Escrow Settlement Fee





Attorney Fee





Lender’s Title Insurance *





Owner’s Title Insurance *





Other Title/Settlement Charges





Recording Fee





Tax Stamps  1st / 2nd










Pest Inspection





Other Costs





Total Title/Settlement/Other Charges






Number Days Interest/Per Diem 1st / 2nd





Interest  1st / 2nd





Hazard Insurance (1st Year Premium)





Hazard Insurance Reserves **





Property Tax Reserves **





Mortgage Insurance Reserves **





Other Prepaids/Reserves **





Total Prepaids/Reserves











Lender Fees





Title/Settlement Charges










Total Borrower Costs at Closing






Income Qualification Estimates Based On Qualifying Interest Rate (Other Factors Are Considered in Qualifying)

Required Monthly Income





Maximum Other Debt





Residual Payments (//ResidualMos// Months)





Actual/Allowable Housing Ratio





Actual/Allowable Debt Ratio






*   Apportion to buyer and seller as customary to market or as negotiated in purchase offer.  Rates vary by title company.

** The initial amount you will pay at closing to establish an impound/escrow account, if required, is estimated.  The actual amount collected at closing will be determined based upon your first payment due date, a permissible cushion and the scheduled disbursement dates of your hazard insurance, real estate taxes and other escrowed items.  Federal law requires us to use an aggregate accounting method to determine the amount collected at closing which will always result in a different amount than the estimate.

*** (If ARM solution displayed)  Rates may increase.


This is not a commitment to lend.  Current policy requires submission of a complete application including supporting documentation.  Loan approval is subject to the borrower and the property meeting bank requirements. All information is estimated. Please remember products, terms, rates and fees are subject to change until you complete a loan application and lock your interest rate.


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